Three Questions to Ask Before Opening Your First Restaurant

For starting entrepreneurs, the food service industry is an enticing hotspot. Businesses are economy-proof to a certain extent. There’s always a hungry market. More importantly, they’re easily a good outlet for creative passions. But of course, the challenges abound. It’s one of the harshest, most cutthroat industries. You’re basically brushing up against giant brands that have already found the magic …

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Mortgage loan agreement application with house shaped keyring

The Road to Homeownership Starts with Finding the Right Mortgage Lender

You want to buy a home, but you may think that you need financing for your mortgage. A lending company such as PRMI Ukiah can provide you with a mortgage and other benefits if they decide to approve your application. But they will not accept anyone’s application without looking at several things. For many prospective homebuyers, these are the first …

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Mortgage Options for First-Time Buyers with Poor Credit Scores

Many people make financial mistakes without comprehensive knowledge of its effects on their future. Most of these financial mistakes affect their credit rating. Though you might not think much of this, it has a significant impact when you apply for a mortgage. It is the primary determinant of your application’s outcome and the loan’s interest rates. Applying for a loan is …

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Woman signing

Three Ways to Avoid First-Time Homebuyer’s Remorse

One of the common horror stories when it comes to buying a home is people regretting their purchase. For sure, you heard a friend or two saying that their house was too small or they’re paying too much. As a smart homebuyer, you probably think that there’s no way that could happen to you. But the truth is those remorseful homebuyers were …

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HELOC hand holding phone

The Difference Between HELOC and Conventional Mortgage

Mortgages and home equity lines of credit (HELOC) are two different kinds of loans that you can take out on your property. The lender can seize your home as collateral in case you don’t keep up with your payments. However, this is their only similarity. There are several differences between a conventional mortgage and a HELOC. You should know and …

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How Much Home Insurance Coverage Do You Really Need?

Estimating how much coverage you need for the homeowners insurance for your Raleigh home and possessions could be quite difficult. If you overinsure, you’d just be throwing away money each year on unnecessary high premiums. If you underinsure, on the other hand, and then experience a catastrophic loss due to theft, fire or flood, you risk losing everything in your home …

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Couple buying a house

Finding Success in House Flipping with No Money

Flipping houses continues to be a lucrative business — when done properly. It hit its fastest pace over six years in 2018, with house flippers making an annual average gross profit of $69,500. Returns on investment (ROI) may have dropped from 47.8 percent to 44.3 percent between the first and the second quarter, but profits remain. Certain markets prove more …

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Vacation house with a balcony

When a Vacation House Won’t Qualify for a 1031 Exchange

A 1031 exchange is an intelligent way to buy and sell real estate properties for investment purposes. This measure allows you to defer your tax obligation as a consequence of the sale. However, a 1031 exchange is hard to execute when a vacation house is in question, especially when there is Tenancy in Common (TIC) agreement. At times, proving that …

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Why You Should Start a Business in Clark

The metro is so congested that many opt to venture outside of it. Unlike the metro, there are a lot of business opportunities in the province since more people are having a difficult time finding an affordable place to live in the city. One of the most promising business locations today is Clark, Pampanga, where foreign investors are finding it …

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counting money

Living Solo: Essential Strategies for Buying Your First Home

Living solo does not mean that you need to resort to renting a room, studio, or apartment, which seems to be the norm among bachelors and bachelorettes. While it’s true that this is a very convenient option when your current lifestyle is taken into account, investing in a home at this point can still be more practical in the long …

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