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How to Manage Your Finances during COVID-19

Most of us have experienced the results of COVID-19 since its first emergence. The global pandemic has affected our lives professionally, financially, and socially. The sudden changes in our lives due to this public health issue have brought us several economic problems, and sadly, they keep growing. One of the significant challenges most of us face these days is the …

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Can You Start a Business While in Debt?

Young people are in the best position to keep themselves free from a debt spiral. That is because when you are young, you usually do not have mortgages and other loans to pay off just yet. However, poor financial practices and planning quickly lead to devastating long-term problems that can keep you from enjoying your personal life and career while …

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Working as a Team, Growing as a Team

A business has various aspects that an owner has to manage. That includes all the members working for it. As an owner, you may also face difficult employees, which can be stressful and awkward. Therefore, you must develop ways to handle them. It is best to figure out the issues before they worsen in the long run. The number of …

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emergency fund

Personal Finance 101: How to Build Your Emergency Fund

Earning your own money for the first time can be an exhilarating experience. You no longer have to ask your parents for money, and you’re finally able to buy the cool things you want. And while there’s nothing wrong with a bit of fun spending money, it’s a good idea to have some savings in case of emergencies. If you’re …

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Ways to Handle Money as a Married Couple

Money matters are the root of all evil, especially when it comes to marriages. Divorce happens because of arguments over money. Spouses fight against each other because someone was irresponsible with money—either by investing it wrongly, not saving enough, or spending it on frivolous things. Spending money on your own family might even be an issue with your spouse. So, …

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appliance retailer

How Appliance Retailers Can Adapt to the New Normal

The pandemic has transformed consumption patterns, many of these changes are here to stay. One of the most notable is how households now allot bigger cart spaces for the essentials while cutting shopping frequency to the minimum. And, with consumers having a higher propensity to do thorough research before proceeding with purchasing, especially big-ticket items, appliance retailers could heed the …

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college students

Is It Possible for College Students to Save Money?

As you enter a new chapter of your life, particularly college life, you will start to realize many things about adults that you haven’t thought about as a kid, including how they manage to budget money for the week. When you live far from your family, you will learn to budget your monthly allowance- save money for the week or …

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Top Local Businesses to Launch Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

At the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, many businesses from various industries closed to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. Some enterprises have managed to survive a year after, while a few others have shut for good. Yet surprisingly, new businesses have emerged out during the pandemic. In fact, new business applications in the US have spiked despite the pandemic. It appears …

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emptied out basement

How to Solve Foul Smells in the Basement

One of the less pleasant parts of homeownership is dealing with foul odors around your home. Although it’s often nothing a little air freshener or scented candles could handle, some rooms just have stubborn smells. One of these rooms is the basement. Understandably so, the basement is the least ventilated space in the home. Any odor, both good and bad, …

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retired senior citizen working

3 Practical Strategies to Help Retirees Earn Extra Income During the Pandemic

Most people want to retire early. However, financial necessity requires some to work even after they turn 65. And now that there’s a global crisis, the conventional worker is affected. As thousands of businesses closed, millions lost their jobs, including working seniors. As a result, many had to retire earlier than they expected or wanted to. According to the Retirement …

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