Man signing with a pen

Pen Manufacturing 101: A Simplified Guide On How Pens Are Produced

Have you ever wondered how pens are manufactured? In the United States, around 2 billion pens are produced every year, with the ballpoint pen being the most commonly used type there is. From its name, a ballpoint pen has a metal ball at its tip that rotates freely and leaves ink, allowing you to write or draw. Pen manufacturers produce millions of …

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professional woman

Executive Image: How to Make Your Small Business Look More Professional

Starting a small business needs more than just setting up shop and expecting customers to come pouring in. It’s also about image and how you market yourself to your customers. Although you are providing professional work, your business may not look the part. Problems, such as a non-working phone, an unresponsive email, and not having an online presence, can put …

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google search engine

Rebranding: Driving Your Brand Makeover Towards Success

Everyone in New Zealand knows Telecom. Launched in 1987, the company has been providing telephone, cellular network and broadband Internet services across the country. In 2014, Telecom announced that it would be dropping its established name in favour of Spark. Backed by a $20 million budget, the change affected not only the brand name but also its subsidiaries, brand design, …

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Woman choosing what to buy in the vending machine

Using Industrial Vending Machines to Dispense PPE in High-Risk Worksites

Industrial vending machines have become common sights in various workplaces in different industries. From warehouses to factories, these automated dispensers have been adopted for their ability to optimise operations. Specifically, the machines have the ability to efficiently dispense tools and equipment, mitigating common problems that result from human error. Recently, they have been considered as a way to enhance employee safety. …

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Approved mortgage loan application with stamp and house key

Mortgage: Myths to Disregard

The mortgage process can be mystifying, especially for people who have never done it before. Buying a home is a significant decision and a huge investment that should be based on facts rather than misconceptions. Unfortunately, some of these myths have discouraged people from applying for home loans. You might have heard or read things that are not true about …

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person holding a smartphone and credit card

Watch Out! Summertime is Scammer Time

The tax filing season may be over, but tax scammers are still hard at work. In fact, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has to issue a warning every year regarding the rampant tax scams that happen during the summer. Summertime tax scams are like dark clouds that cover the typically blue skies of the season. The summer is when most …

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Portrait of cafe owner wearing a hat and apron standing at the counter and looking away.

For Restaurant Success: Keeping Commercial Kitchens Clean

For a restaurant business to succeed, it needs to have delicious food, loyal customers and a clean environment. Aside from serving mouth-watering meals to guests, restaurants need to make sure that every square inch of the establishment is clean. Owners and managers must inspect the place thoroughly to ensure that the restaurant meets stringent sanitation and hygiene standards. Kitchens can …

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approved mortgage application

Score A Quick Mortgage Approval With 3 Secrets

Getting a mortgage pre-qualification in Texas is the first step towards joining the ranks of proud homeowners. That should be the first thing you do before going house hunting. A prequalification lets you know how big a loan you can borrow, which is useful when setting a home buying budget. If you don’t like the terms they offer, you can …

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lawyer and client consultation

5 Benefits of Hiring a Debt Settlement Attorney

If there’s one thing you’ll learn in adult life, it’s that having loans and credit card payments is synonymous to breathing. While it’s easy to say that there’s no need for loans, in real life, there comes a time when you need it. Piling amounts of loan payments can leave anyone feeling exhausted. Good thing, debt settlement attorneys in Salt Lake …

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money lending

Stay Away from These 4 Common Cash Loan Blunders

When you suddenly find yourself in a financial bind, the fastest solution you could come up with is to take out a personal loan. This is not surprising considering how quick, easy, and instant the process is. If you compare it to other types of loan you’ll find out there, it’s far less complicated which is why many are turning …

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