Lessons from Beethoven: Disability Is Not Inability

Life can be unfair and saddle you with a disability that turns your world upside down. However, you shouldn’t throw your hands up in despair as you can trounce over the limitation and lead a good life. In Sydney, people can enjoy the benefits of disability support. No one lends credence to the adage that disability is not inability. Gleaning from …

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4 Reasons Why Athletes Make Great Motivational Speakers

What do Rocky Blieir, Tom Flick, Jim Abbott, Dara Torres, Joe Torre, Archie Manning, Ruben Gonzalez, Scott Hamilton, Mike Ditka, and Vince Papale have in common? They are all athletes and they are all motivational speakers. In recent years, many businesses and organizations are inviting elite athletes to speak and help inspire their teams. It is no secret that athletes …

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Three Fears to Overcome to Be a Full-Fledged Entrepreneur

Most people delay pursuing business ideas or opportunities not because they’re not ready yet but because they’re not brave yet. Starting a business is a big leap of faith affecting every aspect of life, from career and financial security to relationships and personal lifestyle. It would indeed bring out your worst fears. But the thing about fear is it never …

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Water Tank

Types of Resins Used in Rotational Molding

The success in the manufacture of rotationally moulded water tanks primarily depends on the material used. The material should flow adequately to fill all cavities during the moulding process. It should also be thermally stable to handle the oven temperatures at which it is melted. These characteristics or properties help ensure a durable and polished finished product. Resins play an …

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Cluttered garage

A Clutter-Free Life is the Key to Frugal Living

We’ve been talking about ways to keep home and personal expenses straightforward through a myriad of cost-cutting strategies and smart money management. I now want to offer advice that’s not exactly related to money, but can nevertheless have an impact on a person’s finances: Keep your home free of clutter. Just as a cluttered mind makes it difficult to focus …

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Man stacking coins

Bulk Buying Lets You Save More (Just Not Always)

It’s no secret that buying in bulk gives you more savings than when buying per piece. You don’t even have to understand economies of scale to know this; a walk through any grocery store will suffice. Food establishments, likewise, also in on the bulk-buying mania. They offer food platters or group sharing packages, providing a variety of dishes at a …

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homecooked meal

Cooking at Home Helps Reduce Your Household Expenses

Which is cheaper, cooking at home or dining out? People have discussed this topic for so long and extensively that everyone now knows the answer: Cooking meals at home lets you save more than eating out. The above is a pro tip from frugal living advocates. Revenue Loop will, however, concede to some exceptions. We’ll discuss this further later in …

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