Avoiding Injuries in the Workplace

According to the National Safety Council, a worker is injured every 7 seconds. The most common workplace injuries so far are sprains, tears, cuts, strains, lacerations, punctures, sores and pains. This encourages employers to take stern precautions to prevent work-related injuries and avoid lost production hours and the costs associated with treating injuries. Some of the precautions that must be …

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Banking Is a Service: Is Your Bank Up to Scratch?

Your choice of bank is crucial for your personal finance management and savings growth. When choosing a bank, consider the interest rate for savings accounts, customer assistance services, additional fees, and the availability of online and mobile apps. Let’s take a closer look at these criteria. Interest on Savings Accounts Don’t be swayed by the glossy advertising of most major …

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Couple reviewing their finances

Reordering: An Insidious Bank Practice You Should Watch Out For

Banks, for the most part, accommodate customers’ personal banking needs and provide perks that encourage saving. On the other hand, they have questionable practices that endanger people’s finances. Reordering is an example of this practice. When people come up to me for bank recommendations, I don’t give a definite answer. Instead, I advise them to choose a bank based on …

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atm withdrawal

Simplify Personal Banking in Three Ways

A trip to the bank is not always pleasant. Sometimes the teller lines or automated queues are too long (the counter is on customer number 45, and you’re customer number 70, for instance), you’re not satisfied with the customer service, or you feel like the teller is being difficult on purpose. I haven’t had any truly unpleasant experiences in the …

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