ID Badges: Advantages they provide for a Business

Employee identification cards are crucial for a business. Most cards include an employee’s name, job title, department, and photo, and can be worn either around the neck or clipped to a badge. Businesses should consider having their ID badges printed online because of the many advantages they provide in terms of security, connection, and brand recognition. Security Identification is important …

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Container ship

Minimise Demurrage Costs with These Strategies

Ocean freight makes a huge contribution to global trade. According to the 2018 Review of Maritime Transport by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, around 80 per cent of the volume of international trade in goods is carried by sea, inside container vessels. Companies prefer sending their products by sea because it is cheaper than sending them by …

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men wearing safety vest

Types of ANSI Safety Vests

Different work environments have different demands when it comes to high-visibility safety vests. One thing is for sure, though, they all serve safety. For example, in a roadside work zone, there are many distractions that could draw the driver’s attention away from the road. With a high visibility reflective vest, they are much more likely to see you. The American …

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Four Benefits of Hiring Commercial Landscape Maintenance Services

When you own or rent a commercial space, there are some responsibilities to keep in mind. This includes the security of your business premises, work-conduciveness of your shop or office, and the safety of your staff and customers, among others. There are times, however, that certain aspects of having a business facility are overlooked. One good example is the importance …

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Incredible Opportunities in the Drinkware Industry

In any grocery store or department store, you’re always bound to see a cute tumbler or mug with unique designs. The global drinkware industry is having a massive growth, with projected revenue of an estimated $11.7 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 3% from 2018 to 2023. Much of this growth is thanks to the growing hotel and catering …

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Agent shaking hands with the client

Get a Mortgage Approval on the First Try: Tips That Work

Getting a mortgage approval is the first step to realizing the dream of owning a home. It affords you the chance of giving your landlord the boot. Instead of helping them get rich, you get to put the money toward building your wealth. Each monthly payment goes toward building equity in the home and puts you close to owning the …

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green business concept

It Pays for Your Business to Go Green

It is impossible to look at business processes and not encounter waste. For every item produced, there is waste generated, no matter how much or how little. Some companies choose a sustainable path and reuse the waste they generate, especially if it is of the same material as their end product. What if your business runs more complicated processes that …

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Caucasian woman using computer laptop

Part-Time Hustle: Side Jobs You Can Do Over the Weekend

Anyone would want to earn more than their day job can give them. The popularity of side jobs like ridesharing and food delivery has opened the doors to other part-time opportunities. Getting paid is easier now too. Platforms like PayPal and Cash App allow for seamless transactions for freelancers and employers alike. Take a look at these side hustles that …

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Providing Health Insurance to Senior Citizens

Baby Boomers are aging fast, creating an opportunity for medical agents to begin selling medical supplements. Selling Medicare supplement insurance is one of the best jobs in insurance at the moment. The majority of companies pay the same commission for seven years and some even for life. Also, due to the aging population, Medicare supplement sales are peaking. According to …

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