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Part-Time Hustle: Side Jobs You Can Do Over the Weekend

Anyone would want to earn more than their day job can give them. The popularity of side jobs like ridesharing and food delivery has opened the doors to other part-time opportunities. Getting paid is easier now too. Platforms like PayPal and Cash App allow for seamless transactions for freelancers and employers alike. Take a look at these side hustles that …

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Providing Health Insurance to Senior Citizens

Baby Boomers are aging fast, creating an opportunity for medical agents to begin selling medical supplements. Selling Medicare supplement insurance is one of the best jobs in insurance at the moment. The majority of companies pay the same commission for seven years and some even for life. Also, due to the aging population, Medicare supplement sales are peaking. According to …

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Ready for Reboot: What to Do After a Business Fails

It’s a hard pill to swallow, but it is what it is: failures are inevitable in business. In fact, they’re so common that they’re actually the norm, and success is the exception. It’s just that victories have always been what’s celebrated and glorified, plastered at the cover of business magazines, leaving stories of failures in the dark. But despite the …

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Child hugging mother

Helping Your Child Handle and Get Through Their Grief

Introducing the subject of grief and recovery to a child is a strange task to adults. When you are older, you realise that feelings can be controlled, managed, and set aside. However, that is completely different for your children since they have not experienced enough of it to understand. The Funeral Procedure When you break the news to your kid …

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How to Increase Your Sales Through Product Labels

When you go grocery shopping, what is the first thing that you look at when it comes to the products? What catches your attention and what do your eyes divert to right away? If you said that the label is the first thing you see and grabs your attention, then you are in the majority. Product labels are important since they let …

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Air compressor

Improving Performance Efficiency of Compressed Air Systems

The performance of compressed air powered tools and equipment can be impaired with a poorly designed distribution system. This system hinders air pressure and flow.  Poor performance can also be traced to inefficiency of the pipe’s separation system.  This allows contaminants to reach and damage the equipment. The installation of quality hose reels for air compressor systems can promote both …

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Three Questions to Ask Before Opening Your First Restaurant

For starting entrepreneurs, the food service industry is an enticing hotspot. Businesses are economy-proof to a certain extent. There’s always a hungry market. More importantly, they’re easily a good outlet for creative passions. But of course, the challenges abound. It’s one of the harshest, most cutthroat industries. You’re basically brushing up against giant brands that have already found the magic …

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woman purchasing from a physical store

Shop Windows That Draw You In

In the digital age, and with online purchases becoming ever more popular, concern for high street shops and cafes is growing. However, worries about the collapse of the high street and town living were also premature when out-of-town shopping started. Stores are adapting to accommodate the new phenomenon. Although the online store may offer in-depth descriptions or 3D photos of …

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Food waste

Restaurant Food Waste in Australia: Facts that Might Surprise You

Australia is a certified food hub. According to IBISWorld, the restaurant industry grew an average of 3.5% annually between 2013 and 2018. Within this period, it earned over $18 billion. About 24,000 businesses also opened. Food isn’t the only thing these thousands of restaurants produce, though. They also create tonnes of food waste. Today you’ll learn more about restaurant food …

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