Five Things To Keep in Mind When Franchising a Fashion Boutique

Having a business in the line of fashion is great for people who would like to get into a fast-paced and ever-changing industry. Just like how it is in the food business, people constantly need clothing, and shopping for fashionable clothes is just like spending money on good food. As a starter and if you feel like you’re not quite …

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Avoid These Artwork Mistakes in Your Screen Printing Process

The secret to a beautiful screen print is a great artwork. If there is a problem with the design and is not caught ahead of time, it could result in financial loss and potentially damage the identity of the brand. If you are running a screen printing business, avoid these common mistakes to keep your final products looking awesome. Working …

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a business meeting

E-commerce Mistakes That Could Be Killing Your Sales

Selling could be considered a form of art that’s tough to perfect. But appealing to customers and getting them to buy from you, especially if you sell through your e-commerce site, is especially challenging since you need to get customers to trust you without having to see your product in person. On top of that, many online shop owners still …

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Couple buying a new car

What You Should and Shouldn’t Do with Your Down Payment

So you’ve sacrificed nights out, a new car, and fancy gadgets for a couple of years so that you could save enough for a down payment on a new home. You’ve also found your dream home and have found a mortgage lender willing to work with you. All you have to do is hold on to your down payment until …

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How Much Home Insurance Coverage Do You Really Need?

Estimating how much coverage you need for the homeowners insurance for your Raleigh home and possessions could be quite difficult. If you overinsure, you’d just be throwing away money each year on unnecessary high premiums. If you underinsure, on the other hand, and then experience a catastrophic loss due to theft, fire or flood, you risk losing everything in your home …

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What Do Your Company Colors Say About You?

Humans are primarily visual creatures. We evolved with two forward-facing eyes to be able to gauge distance and depth of field, allowing us to hunt more efficiently. Our ability to walk upright on two legs, instead of hunched over on four, is also an evolutionary offshoot designed to assist vision: because we are able to stand tall, our field of …

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Couple buying a house

Finding Success in House Flipping with No Money

Flipping houses continues to be a lucrative business — when done properly. It hit its fastest pace over six years in 2018, with house flippers making an annual average gross profit of $69,500. Returns on investment (ROI) may have dropped from 47.8 percent to 44.3 percent between the first and the second quarter, but profits remain. Certain markets prove more …

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4 Reasons Why Athletes Make Great Motivational Speakers

What do Rocky Blieir, Tom Flick, Jim Abbott, Dara Torres, Joe Torre, Archie Manning, Ruben Gonzalez, Scott Hamilton, Mike Ditka, and Vince Papale have in common? They are all athletes and they are all motivational speakers. In recent years, many businesses and organizations are inviting elite athletes to speak and help inspire their teams. It is no secret that athletes …

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set of jewelry

Encashing an Investment: Selling Your Jewelry

Jewelry is good to look at. If you are a big fan of processes and origins, you may have been interested in how these precious items came to be. They all started from the ground — miles deeper, even so. The labor and hard work of miners, the arts and craft of artisans, and the aesthetics of marketers — all …

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Vacation house with a balcony

When a Vacation House Won’t Qualify for a 1031 Exchange

A 1031 exchange is an intelligent way to buy and sell real estate properties for investment purposes. This measure allows you to defer your tax obligation as a consequence of the sale. However, a 1031 exchange is hard to execute when a vacation house is in question, especially when there is Tenancy in Common (TIC) agreement. At times, proving that …

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