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Money-saving Mistakes That Could Cost You More in the Long Run

• Avoid dropping extra insurance policies or lowering coverage limits, as unexpected expenses may occur. • Eating at home can help save money. Investing in a gym membership can also be beneficial for one’s health. • Save for retirement—contributions to 401ks and IRAs offer tax breaks and compounded interest. • Invest in high-quality items—cheap things break quickly and require frequent repairs or replacements, costing you more later. • Without tracking where your money goes every month, you can unknowingly be flushing away hundreds of dollars each year. When it comes to managing your finances, it’s important to save money whenever you can. But sometimes, a short-term gain can cost you dearly in the long run. Here are a few money-saving

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Finding Success in House Flipping with No Money

Flipping houses continues to be a lucrative business — when done properly. It hit its fastest pace over six years in 2018, with house flippers making an annual average gross profit of $69,500. Returns on investment (ROI) may have dropped from 47.8 percent to 44.3 percent between the first and the second quarter, but profits remain. Certain markets prove more

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Investment Facts I Wish I Knew When I Was Younger

As a child, I had a vague notion that to be wealthy, I should become an investor. I’d hear this word, along with others like stocks, bonds, and funds, in television, movies, and overheard conversations between adults. I knew early on that investments are important for financial security. What I didn’t know was when, where, and how to start. Among

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