Incredible Opportunities in the Drinkware Industry

In any grocery store or department store, you’re always bound to see a cute tumbler or mug with unique designs. The global drinkware industry is having a massive growth, with projected revenue of an estimated $11.7 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 3% from 2018 to 2023. Much of this growth is thanks to the growing hotel and catering industries, an increase in beverage consumption, and a boost in the middle-class disposal income. With the future of the industry looking up, the best time to enter the industry is right now. Here are a few of the top business opportunities you can grab in the drinkware industry: Sell custom engraved mugs and tumblers Although mugs are probably one of

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Part-Time Hustle: Side Jobs You Can Do Over the Weekend

Anyone would want to earn more than their day job can give them. The popularity of side jobs like ridesharing and food delivery has opened the doors to other part-time opportunities. Getting paid is easier now too. Platforms like PayPal and Cash App allow for seamless transactions for freelancers and employers alike. Take a look at these side hustles that

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Categories of Marine Cargo Insurance Policies

Sea transport remains the primary means of shipment for businesses worldwide. This is because it can efficiently handle bulky products and has lower costs compared to other forms of long-distance cargo transport. Moreover, the right documentation plays a pivotal role in international shipments. Sea freight takes some time and gives you enough time to handle all the documents required for

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Encashing an Investment: Selling Your Jewelry

Jewelry is good to look at. If you are a big fan of processes and origins, you may have been interested in how these precious items came to be. They all started from the ground — miles deeper, even so. The labor and hard work of miners, the arts and craft of artisans, and the aesthetics of marketers — all

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Wait a Minute: 3 Things to Do before Quitting Your Job and Starting a Business

It’s probably the biggest risk you have to take once you decide to go into business: quitting your job. It means abandoning the steady paycheck, the fixed 9 – 6 schedule, and the good, peaceful rest on weekends. But aspiring entrepreneurs tend to overlook these risks, and instead fix their eyes on the opposite, that once they become an entrepreneur,

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