Couple reviewing their finances

Reordering: An Insidious Bank Practice You Should Watch Out For

Banks, for the most part, accommodate customers’ personal banking needs and provide perks that encourage saving. On the other hand, they have questionable practices that endanger people’s finances. Reordering is an example of this practice. When people come up to me for bank recommendations, I don’t give a definite answer. Instead, I advise them to choose a bank based on their banking needs, saving habits, and priorities. Which is more important, a higher interest rate or a lower minimum average daily balance? Is the lack of certain mobile and ATM banking functions, like cardless withdrawals, a deal-breaker? Your answers to these questions will guide you when choosing a bank. However, there is one thing I tell people to watch out

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Aim High: Careers that Promise High Salaries

Everyone wants to become wealthy, or at least have the luxury of not having to worry about paying rent on time, sending the children to a good school, and having enough funds for retirement. Everyone needs to understand, though — teenagers, most especially — that nothing “just happens,” unless you win the lottery for 10 million dollars or some other

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Airbnb: A Tenancy Concept Worth Exploring

Would you consider letting a virtual stranger into your home, sharing your personal space for a given time? Are you willing to give visitors free reign over your property, appliances, furniture, and other household amenities? If your answer to either is yes, then you’re cut out to be a home-sharing renter or a landlord. The question now is how to

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Couple managing their finances

Getting Over Debt Phobia

Fear of accumulating debt is understandable. Many of us have it, especially those who have experienced first-hand how devastating and stressful paying a debt back can be. I’m not a stranger to debt myself. I put myself through the wringer working part-time in addition to holding down a full-time job when I was fresh out of college. I had student

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McCafe Franchise

Franchising: A Practical Introduction to Business Management

Many of us, including myself, aspire to become a business owner. To be clear, I believe there’s nothing wrong about being an employee until retirement. How you make a living is a personal choice, after all. A business owner isn’t superior to an employee, and vice versa. I simply like being my own boss andbeing in control of my work

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