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Lessons from Beethoven: Disability Is Not Inability

Life can be unfair and saddle you with a disability that turns your world upside down. However, you shouldn’t throw your hands up in despair as you can trounce over the limitation and lead a good life. In Sydney, people can enjoy the benefits of disability support. No one lends credence to the adage that disability is not inability. Gleaning from the life of Ludwig Van Beethoven, his lack of hearing did nothing to suppress his musical talent. Although he didn’t start deaf, he started losing his hearing at around the age of 26 and was almost totally deaf at the age of 44. His deafness didn’t cause him to despair; he went on to become one of the greatest musicians

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Categories of Marine Cargo Insurance Policies

Sea transport remains the primary means of shipment for businesses worldwide. This is because it can efficiently handle bulky products and has lower costs compared to other forms of long-distance cargo transport. Moreover, the right documentation plays a pivotal role in international shipments. Sea freight takes some time and gives you enough time to handle all the documents required for

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Encashing an Investment: Selling Your Jewelry

Jewelry is good to look at. If you are a big fan of processes and origins, you may have been interested in how these precious items came to be. They all started from the ground — miles deeper, even so. The labor and hard work of miners, the arts and craft of artisans, and the aesthetics of marketers — all

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Age Doesn’t Matter: 3 Reasons You’re Not Too Old to Start a Business

There’s a pervasive belief that people have lesser chances of winning in business if they do it at a much older age. Perhaps it’s because there’s a rise of younger entrepreneurs recently or the mere idea of being old or being behind one’s time. But the truth is there’s no “magic age” when it comes to starting a business. More

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Business Venture: 4 Things to Consider before Opening your Own Vape Shop

If you’re looking for a promising business this year, starting your vape shop can be a good investment. For the past few years, the demand for vape and e-cig supplies is still growing. In an article posted by BBC News, the number of vape users went up to 35 million in 2016. Business experts also projected that this number might

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