A Guide to Preparing for a Drought

Conserve water. You know the drill. However, there’s more to having a decent supply of water and keeping your water bills manageable than just saving water. You’ll never know if you forget something, so make sure that you’re prepared for everything. Plumbing Last November 2018, the country was asked to run their tap water for 30 seconds because of the risk of lead poisoning. While there was nothing wrong with running your tap for half a minute, the country was having one of the worst droughts at that time that it caused outrage all over Australia. As of now, there isn’t any study that proves a direct relationship between droughts and lead poisoning. However, corrosion will occur in almost all

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Pen Manufacturing 101: A Simplified Guide On How Pens Are Produced

Have you ever wondered how pens are manufactured? In the United States, around 2 billion pens are produced every year, with the ballpoint pen being the most commonly used type there is. From its name, a ballpoint pen has a metal ball at its tip that rotates freely and leaves ink, allowing you to write or draw. Pen manufacturers produce millions of

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Executive Image: How to Make Your Small Business Look More Professional

Starting a small business needs more than just setting up shop and expecting customers to come pouring in. It’s also about image and how you market yourself to your customers. Although you are providing professional work, your business may not look the part. Problems, such as a non-working phone, an unresponsive email, and not having an online presence, can put

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Rebranding: Driving Your Brand Makeover Towards Success

Everyone in New Zealand knows Telecom. Launched in 1987, the company has been providing telephone, cellular network and broadband Internet services across the country. In 2014, Telecom announced that it would be dropping its established name in favour of Spark. Backed by a $20 million budget, the change affected not only the brand name but also its subsidiaries, brand design,

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Going Green: How Your Restaurant Can Improve its Environmental Impact

It’s hard to make it in the restaurant industry, with high-end restaurants and small cafés competing with chains and ready-to-cook meals from the supermarket. Establishments compete against each other by offering quality food and ambience or serving meals quickly at low cost. Today, the landscape is changing, with more consumers caring about environmental sustainability and the amount of waste made

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